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The Laps Foster Program

Due to the limited space at our farm, LAPS encourages anyone interested in fostering animals for us to apply to our “Foster Homes” program. One of our board members would do a “home visit” as part of the qualification process, and the applicant is required to supply both a vet and a personal reference. After qualifying, the applicant is put on our “foster list” until the need arises. We never know when we might suddenly have to find placement for a horse or any other large animal: having available temporary homes is important when the emergency, or simply too many animals, occurs.

We make individual foster arrangements on a case by case basis. The ideal situation for LAPS is one in which the foster can cover all of the expenses of keeping the animal; feed, vet and dental care, and farrier. However, we do include people who can provide a good home and good care, but cannot pay medical expenses. If you think you might like to become a foster for LAPS please feel free to call or email for more information. Thanks for helping…….we need you on “the home team!”