Tributes and Commemoration

Tributes and Commemoration

The following people and organizations have contributed to LAPS to help us provide services to the animals in our care:

U.S. Trotting Association

Thanks to the US Trotting Association for their outstanding service and support of retired Standardbreds. They are

truly dedicated to the welfare of their breed, well beyond their racing careers, when help is most needed. LAPS is very grateful for their on-going interest and support.


Westway Electric Supply
9027 West Chester Pike
Upper Darby, PA 19082
(610) 449-8700


Blessing Electric
26 First Street
Lansdowne, PA 19050
(610) 394-2211


Dover Saddlery of Hockessin, Delaware provides monthly care packages to benefit the animals in our care. Please visit them at or at their store in Hockessin and award them with your patronage. Thank you.


Unionville Equine Associates

IN MEMORY OF Dr. Steve Berkowitz’s horse, Zoom Along (February 2012 Remembrance)

Remembrances 2010 – 2011


Leigh Aldridge ~ by Andrea Greene

LAPS ~ by Brandywine Horse Club

My Sister Corby ~ by Barbara Julian

Ruthie ~ by Louise & Don Hannum

Jennifer Manderscheid for all that she does for animals, as well as their humans ~ by Her Friends at Maresfield

Jennifer Manderscheid ~ by Coni & Richard (Betzendahl Design)

Rich Nocella, My Beloved Husband ~ by Karen Nocella

In Solidarity with Douglass Newbold ~ Paul Cameron Opperman

Pierre and Dudley ~ by Lesley Brechbiel

Gathering Storm ~ by Joannah Glass

Nancy Hartley ~ by A Wee Bit of Green Farm

Jennifer Manderscheid ~ by Roberta C. Richards

Joanne Mauger ~ by Gwynne McDevitt

Dr. Elaine Hammel ~ by Elisabeth W. Harpham

Thank you to Kate Joynt ~ by Mary Jane Brown

Nancy Botella ~ by Sisan K. Criddle

My dad and Janey’s mom both turned 89 this year ~ by John W Lee, Jr DVM and Jane Fassinger Lee, VMD



Mark Peltier ~ (our Nephew) by Martha E. Davis; Karl R. Mueller, John C. Kolle, Katherine Riggert & William Stevens, Karen Riggert, “Cathy’s Book Club” Maureen Kelly, the Employees of Elan Drug Technologies, The Ted & Connie Lapres Fund, Oley Valley Combined Training Association

Peggy Swope ~ by Dr. and Mrs. Albert Lucine, Jr.

Mary Anne Boyle, In loving memory, Pat and Vince Boyle

In memory of Becky Kreider, 27, who died due to a brain anurism. Becky donated all of her organs so others may live. She loved creatures.

Roland A Schier, for your love of animals, Rosemary A. Schier

Lorraine M. Crossan ~ by Anne E. Hagerty

Lorraine M. Crossan ~ by Fred and Norma Hughes

In loving memory of our daughter, Sandy Weible ~ by Del & Fran Weible

Naturally Peppy owned by Beth Hutchinson ~ by Ann Williams

Thunder, Stormy, Miracle Little “Moose” my loyal friends ~ by Joan Galloway