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We reached our goal, for our Tee Shirt fundraiser.  LAPS Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Participated and Made Our First Tee-Shirt Fundraiser A Success.

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Big Pat was surrendered to The Large Animal Protection Society, Inc when he was deemed unfit for sale due to bilateral blindness.  Pat is a 14 year old Draft horse who bears the scars of long hours in harness and very hard work.  His body is riddled with reminders how difficult it can be on a work horse then when blindness set in he was dumped at an auction to squeeze the last few dollars out of his battered body knowing full well he would likely go for slaughter.  Thankfully the auction house prohibits debilitated animals from being sold so we were contacted to take Big Pat. Everyone who has come in contact with this gentle giant is in awe at his sweet and trusting nature and his ability to compensate for his disability, even all the veterinarians, nurses, techs, and specialists at New Bolton Center for Large Animals have been touched by Pat and are eager to help restore sight to the eye with the least trauma.  Your contribution will go a long way to giving Big Pat the second chance at a life he has certainly earned.  The Large Animal Protection Society is an animal cruelty policing organization relying solely on the generosity of folks like you.  We thank you.  Pat thanks you.  Please check our Facebook page for updates at LAPS of Pennsylvania.

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Animals for Adoption

LAPS has many wonderful animals waiting for adoption!  Please visit our website often to see new animals available for adoption and see updates on animals in training.  A few animals are shown below, and more can be found by clicking here.  Please consider giving a forever home to these once forgotten treasurers!








LAPS Wishlist

To give animals who were abandoned, seized, or surrendered to LAPS a new start, LAPS is always in need of items to keep our small farm running.  LAPS has been fortunate to have great supporter, like you, come forward and help these animals who have been forgotten.  If you are able to help with any items on our wishlist, it is greatly appreciated by LAPS and large animals!  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to schedule a drop off, please contact LapsPA@hotmail.  Thank you!

  • Veterinary, farrier and dental servicesNew Barn Oct 2012
  • Quality hay and straw
  • Dewormers
  • SMZ’s, Bute, Banamine
  • Waterproof Turnout Blankets (size 50 through 70)
  • Plug in water heater for tubs (no floating ones, please)
  • Small pony and pony leather halters or breakaway halters
  • 8″ Auger
  • 2 Extension Cords (outdoor, heavy duty)
  • Gift certificate to a feed store, Lowes, or Home Depot
  • Heavy duty hoses
  • Fencing and lumber
  • Bridles (1 pony sized, 1 cob sized)
  • Girths, with buckle rollers